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2024 Biasi Boiler Error & Fault Codes

Biasi boilers can be fitted with a number of different sensors to maintain the efficiency and reliability of your heating system. The fault codes that appear on the display screen are sequenced codes that indicate to you the location of the problem.

Understanding boiler error codes is a key part of troubleshooting any major appliance problem. The fault codes on a Biasi boiler are a series of letters and numbers that can help you identify the cause of the problem.

Biasi boiler fault codes can be decoded by engineers as they are sequenced codes. It will depend on the Biasi boiler manufacturer, but these codes mean what faults and problems are occurring within your system. If you know what these codes mean, then you could diagnose, repair, and order parts before anyone noticed the boiler breaking down.

General Boiler Error Codes

Every time you turn on your boiler, the Biasi general boiler message center lights up. This tells you that the error code has been saved and is awaiting acknowledgement by you.

Biasi boilers can display up to six different error codes. These codes cover any problem with the condensing boiler. Below you'll find the most common general boiler error codes for Biasi boilers. We have listed each code alongside a brief description of its meaning so that you can diagnose the fault yourself. If you don't understand any of the abbreviations, or would like a more detailed description of what a particular error code means, then please get in touch with a local engineer.

Fault Code Possible Cause
ER 01 + ResetLack of burner ignition on safety lockout
ER 02 + ResetSafety thermostat intervention lockout
ER 03 + ResetGeneral lockout
ER 04 +Faulty primary circuit (no water or absence of flow)
ER 05 +Faulty fan control system
ER 06 +Faulty c.h. temp. probe NTC
ER 07 +Faulty d.h.w. temp. probe NTC
ER 08 +Faulty external temp. probe NTC
ER 09 +Faulty flue temp. probe NTC
ER 10 + ResetFlue probe intervention lockout
ER 12 +Faulty central heating temperature probe NTC
ER 13 +DT Delivery return >40k
ER + 14 + ResetFaulty pump or primary temperature above 105°C
ER + 14 + ResetFaulty pump or primary temperature above 105°C
ER + 14 +Absence of flow from temperature gradient (>2K/s)
ER + 19 +Domestic hot water inlet probe failure (if sent)
ER + 25 + ResetFlame detection fault
ER + 69Wiring fault lockout
LiPrimary circuit temp. limit during d.h.w. operation
30cBoiler waiting for heat request
LPBoiler in chimney sweep in function. The activation of the chimney sweep occurs configuring the “parameter P09=01”. The writing on the display alternates.
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  2. General

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