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Ferroli Bluehelix Tech 28C Gas Boiler

Ferroli Bluehelix Tech 28C Gas Boiler prices and quotes
Output (Kw)
Warranty (years)
Heating Efficiency
A Heat
A Water
Average Price
Updated: 01/04/24
£739.37 inc. VAT
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ModelBluehelix Tech 28C
TypeGas Boiler
Sub TypeCombi Boiler
Width (mm)420
Height (mm)700
Depth (mm)250
Weight (kg)28
Output (Kw)24
ErP SpaceA
ErP WaterA
Noise Level (Db)50
Flow Rate (L/min)11.5
FuelNatural Gas

Product Description

The Ferroli 28C Bluehelix Tech RRT comes with a number of top quality features. One of the most notable is the long lifespan, which allows you to save money on parts and installation costs, and is increased through reduced use of sensitive components. It also uses less gas than comparable models from other brands, and offers better quality products that last longer.

Designed with the latest technology, the Ferroli Bluehelix RRT range is sophisticated and streamlined, yet easy to install and maintain. With a high level of energy efficiency and a longer lifespan, these products are reliable, durable, and affordable. Although they contain fewer components than other systems, replacing parts has become less expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other models in the range?

You can choose an energy efficient condenser from 18kW to 34kW so you can keep your bills as low as possible. The Ferroli Bluehelix Tech is the perfect choice if you want to save money. You can get the Ferroli Bluehelix Tech 28C models that will create warmth and comfort all year round. Plus, with the boiler's incredible features, including a Ferroli Thermobalance heat exchanger and increased insulation, you won’t have to worry about the cold ever again.

What are some other key features?

The Ferroli Bluehelix Tech 28C features patented gas adaptive technology for optimum combustion if the air density changes, cool-touch, self-cooling doors, and an eco function that allows the boiler to be active only when hot water is actually needed. Both the temperature and the power output are adjusted according to how much hot water is needed, keeping it at a minimum during times when fresh water isn’t required, such as if you’re away on holiday. Bluehelix models are also designed for simple installation and maintenance

How long is the warranty offered?

The Ferroli Bluehelix Tech is one of the most reliable boilers on the market today. This is a result of its cutting-edge technology, which has been combined with traditional design. When fitted with the Ferroli magnetic filter, you’ll get a 10-year parts and labour warranty from Ferroli making it easy to get your boiler covered as soon as possible.

What about efficiency?

The Ferroli Bluehelix Tech is an incredibly efficient boiler, which is a reflection of the 94% seasonal efficiency rating (ERS) and it’s ErP A-rating for heat along with a flow rate of 11.5 litres per minute. This boiler is designed to be perfect for all installations.

Other Ferroli boilers similar to the Bluehelix Tech 28C

Model kW ErP Warranty Price (inc. VAT)
Ferroli Bluehelix Tech 24C 20
A Heat
A Water
10 £688.68
Ferroli Bluehelix Tech 28C 24
A Heat
A Water
10 £739.37
Ferroli Bluehelix Tech 34C 30
A Heat
A Water
10 £808.68

More Combi Boilers to consider

Model kW ErP Warranty Price (inc. VAT)
BAXI 600 636 36kW 36
A Heat
A Water
7 £1028.02
BAXI 200 228 28kW 28
A Heat
A Water
3 £598.46
BAXI 800 830 30
A Heat
A Water
10 £991.63
BAXI Platinum 33 33
A Heat
A Water
10 £1103.38
BAXI Duo-tec 24 24
A Heat
A Water
7 £774.06
BAXI Platinum 40 40
A Heat
A Water
10 £1217.83
BAXI 400 428 28kW 28
A Heat
A Water
5 £705.13
BAXI 800 825 25
A Heat
A Water
10 £889.22
BAXI Megaflo 32 32
A Heat
7 £907.6
BAXI 200 224 24kW 24
A Heat
A Water
3 £584.29

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