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Glow-Worm Boiler Warranty & Guarantee Lengths

When you purchase a new boiler and have it professionally installed, the last thing you will be thinking about is what happens if it breaks down. Nowadays with advancements in boiler technology and design you can expect your Glow-worm boiler to be trouble-free for many years after installation.

That being said occasionally faults can occur, so it's good to know that Glow-worm offer a comprehensive guarantee (not a warranty as discussed below) on all their boiler models. This shows that not only are they confident in the reliability of their range, but that you can assured of a quick fix should any issues arrive in the duration of the guarantee.

This article not only contains a list of boiler models and guarantees offered, but an explanation as to how they work, what they cover and how to extend the duration.

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Model Standard Warranty
Glow-worm Energy 12kW 2 years
Glow-worm Energy 15kW 2 years
Glow-worm Energy 18kW 2 years
Glow-worm Energy 25kW 2 years
Glow-worm Energy 30kW 2 years
Glow-worm Energy 35kW 5 years
Glow-worm Energy2 30c 2 years

Warranties vs insurance

With a comprehensive warranty in place, you can feel pretty secure in the knowledge that if anything goes wrong you will be covered for any repair work necessary (assuming the problem is no fault of your own). You may however wish to take out some sort of insurance too in the form of a service plan, and if so here are some benefits:

  1. You will receive a free annual service included in the price (which may be necessary in order to validate your existing warranty/guarantee).
  2. Your entire central heating (not just the boiler itself) can be covered for any repairs, including pipes, pumps, radiators and tanks.
  3. Similar to an emergency plumber, you will have an emergency line you can contact any time of the day for any unexpected issues.
  4. A good insurance policy will also cover your boiler controls which aren't always included with standard guarantees.

So with that in mind, what are some key features of a boiler insurance policy?

  1. Typically the cost is spread out with small monthly payments direct to the insurer.
  2. It's wise to check the exact terms to make sure you are getting additional benefits to the ones outlined in your current warranty or guarantee.
  3. A boiler service plan doesn't need to just cover the boiler, it can cover the entire heating system and even cover general plumbing around the house.

The Glow-worm warranty or guarantee

Glow-worm actually offer a guarantee on all their boilers and not a warranty. They typically last anything from 2-5 years as standard however most can be extended to over 10 years by using an approved installer.

Warranty vs. Guarantee - What's the difference?

There's a key difference between a warranty, and the guarantee that Glow-worm offer. A warranty promises that an engineer will be called out to look at the problem with your boiler, however a guarantee promises to fix any problems caused during the manufacturing process no matter what they are.

What does the guarantee cover?

As long as any work is carried out by a Glow-worm accredited specialist then your guarantee will cover you for any repairs needed to your boiler which are linked to the manufacturing process. This is true for the entire duration specified in your agreement.

If any issues arise however that aren't related to the manufacture of the boiler (i.e caused by your own actions or misuse) then your guarantee will not be applicable and you will be expected to pay for any repairs necessary. There will be very clear terms and conditions available when you purchase the boiler. As an example, if problems arise due to contaminated water in the system then you will be liable to cover any repair costs.

Guarantee terms & conditions

As you would expect, Glow-worm do outline some terms and conditions in order to keep the guarantee valid throughout the duration. One is that you boiler needs to be serviced annually by either a Glow-worm approved or Gas Safe registered engineer and that these services must be recorded in the Benchmark logbook. You can view the full Glow-worm domestic boiler guarantee terms and conditions online.

Registering your Glow-worm guarantee

You will need to gather a few details before you register your new boiler which are all easy to find. Remember this needs to be done within 30 days of being installed:

  1. The date your boiler was installed
  2. The 28 digit serial number which can be found on your boiler or your Benchmark logbook
  3. Boiler serial number
  4. The address the boiler was installed at
  5. Registration number of your Gas Safe installer

After you've gathered this information, you can complete the registration on the Glow-worm website. You will then receive confirmation that your guarantee is active.

It is also possible to extend your warranty to 10 years through your Glow-worm Club Energy Installer.

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