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2024 Heatline Boiler Error & Fault Codes

Heatline boilers are one of the more popular fuel-efficient heating options found in UK homes today. They are incredibly reliable and relatively simple to maintain, but they do have their faults and can, on rare occasions, go wrong. To help you get to grips with your any potential issues, we've put together a list of error codes along with what these mean for your boiler's functionality.

If your Heatline boiler is not producing enough warm water or heating your home to the desired temperature, then you can probably find the solution through tracking down the cause of one of these fault codes. If several faults occur at the same time, the corresponding codes are displayed alternately for two seconds each and take priority over all other displays. To reset them and restart the boiler display, press the reset button.

Capriz2 Boiler Error Codes

Code Description Cause
F00Flow heating temperature sensor faultSensor open circuit
F01Return heating temperature sensor faultReturn heating temperature sensor disconnected
F10Flow heating temperature sensor faultSensor short-circuit
F11Return heating temperature sensor faultReturn heating temperature sensor shorted
F20Overheating faultOverheating safety device activated (97°C)
F22Water pressure of the installation (<0.3 bar)Return water valve closed, Pump disconnected, Leak in the installation
F23Maximum temperature difference reached between return and flow heatingWater circulation fault
F24Water circulation faultMalfunction of the pump (excessively rapid temperature increase)
F26Fault in gas valve motor.Disconnected or defective cables
F27Flame detection fault.Abnormal flame detection
F28Ignition faultNo return gas / Insufficient gas flow, Gas valve incorrectly adjusted, Defective firing electrode and flame control / Defective igniter unit
F29Loss of flame during operationNo return gas / Insufficient gas flow, Gas valve incorrectly adjusted, Defective firing electrode and flame control / Defective igniter unit
F32Incorrect air pressureIncorrect fan speed.
F49EBUS voltage faultFault in EBUS line, Short circuit in EBUS connector
F61Fault in the main boardGas valve command fault
F62Fault in the main boardGas valve closure fault
F63Fault in the main boardFault in the main board memory
F64Fault in the main boardRapid fluctuation of return or fl ow heating sensor.
F65Fault in the main boardExcessive main board temperature
F67Fault in the main boardFlame signal fault in the main board
F68Fluctuation of flame signalNo return gas / Insufficient gas flow, Gas valve incorrectly adjusted, Defective firing electrode and flame control / Defective igniter unit
F70User interface incompatible with the main boardIncorrect product code
F71Flow heating temperature sensor faultFlow heating temperature sensor unclipped or defective (no temperature variation)
F72Permanent temperature difference between flow and return heating sensorsMismatch between the flow and return heating temperatures (permanent difference)

Product does not start up: No hot water, no heating

Cause Measure
The gas isolator cock installed on-site and/or the gas isolator cock on the product is closed.Open both gas isolator cocks.
The cold water stop cock is closed. Open the cold water stop cock.
The power supply in the building is disconnected.Check the fuse in the building. The product automatically switches on after the power supply is restored.
The product is switched off.Switch on the product.
The heating flow temperature or hot water temperature has been set too low.Set the heating flow temperature and hot water temperature.
The system pressure is insufficient. Low water pressure in the heating installation (fault code: F.22).Fill the heating installation. If the pressure drops frequently, contact an engineer.
The system pressure is too high. Purge a radiator in order to reduce the pressure in the heating installation, or contact your competent person about this.
There is air in the heating installation. Purging the radiators . If the problem occurs again: Inform an engineer.
After three successive failed ignition attempts, the system switches to fault mode (fault code: F.28).Press the power button. The product carries out a new ignition attempt. If the ignition problem is not rectified after three fault clearance attempts, contact a competent person.

Hot water functioning correctly; heating does not start up.

Cause Measure
The external controller is not set correctly.Set the external controller correctly.
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