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Ideal Logic+ C35 Gas Boiler

MPN: 215441 EAN: 5022142154415
Ideal Logic+ C35 Gas Boiler prices and quotes
Output (Kw)
Warranty (years)
Heating Efficiency
A Heat
A Water
Average Price
Updated: 01/06/22
£1095.51 inc. VAT
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ModelLogic+ C35
TypeGas Boiler
Sub TypeCombi Boiler
Width (mm)395
Height (mm)700
Depth (mm)278
Weight (kg)34.2
Output (Kw)35.3
ErP SpaceA
ErP WaterA
Noise Level (Db)44
Flow Rate (L/min)14.5
FuelNatural Gas

Product Description

The Ideal Logic+ C35 Combination Boiler is endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust. It can fit into a compact cupboard and is compatible with additional controls, such as the new Opentherm. If you're looking for a boiler that's green and modern (as well as being compact), this combo boiler is for you.

The Logic+ Series C is designed to be installed quickly and easily. The 24, 30 and 35 kW models features concealed connections, an automatic bypass, and an integral filling loop. It also comes with a translucent condensate siphon for easy inspection. It's a fast and hassle-free way to fix up your machine.

Features Overview

  • Lightweight for lifting and wall mounting
  • Additional flue options
  • Easy to use digital display
  • Extended 7 year warranty (parts and labour)
  • Fully endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust
  • Easy installation with universal connections
  • Small enough to fit in cupboard
  • Hidden pipe connections
  • Full modulation operation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I install this boiler?

You can install this Ideal Logic Combi ESP1 in multiple places. Because it is compact in size and has numerous useful features, you can install this unit within the standard cupboard. Also, because this unit comes is designed with frost protection, you can install this unit in your garage or in your loft.

Do I need a combi boiler or a system/regular?

This combi boiler is ideal for the smaller homes. Therefore, if you live in a small home with limited space, this can be a great option for you.

Additionally, because this unit is an all-in-one solution (central heating boiler and water heater), you will not be required to buy a hot water cylinder to obtain the comfort that you need for your home.

How much warranty is provided?

Standard 2 year warranty with an option to extend after installation if it is installed by am Ideal approved installer.

Is this the latest model?

According to the latest information released by the manufacturer’s of Ideal Logic Combi ESP1, this model is now being replaced by another highly reliable compliant unit. So, for those of you who want to know more, check out the Ideal Logic Max 35kW combi gas boiler. This new unit is also boiler plus compliant.

Can it save me money on my bills?

For those of you who are looking to save money on the overall cost of installation and your energy bills, this is an excellent choice. This is because these units are not only highly efficient but also simple to install.

Is it an efficient boiler?

As shown by this unit's seasonal efficiency rating of 94%, the Ideal Logic Max 35kW is a highly recommended efficient boiler. And, here’s what you can expect if you are looking for the best units for your home. For heat, it has a ErP rating of an A, Efficiency hot water rating of A and 14.5 liters per minute flow rate.

Are there more models in the range?

When you are making your decisions, you’ll have several Ideal Logic Combi options that you can consider... models that run on Natural gas or LPG and with 24 kW and 30kW output ratings. The output ratings that you select will depend on the hot water and heating demands for your home.

WIll it be enough to heat my home?

This unit has been designed specifically for the significantly larger homes. For example, if you live in a home that has 2 bathrooms, you should install this 35kW boiler.

Other Ideal boilers similar to the Logic+ C35

Model kW ErP Warranty Price (inc. VAT)
Ideal Exclusive 2 35kW 35
A Heat
A Water
5 £687.25
Ideal Logic+ C35 35.3
A Heat
A Water
7 £1095.51
Ideal Logic Code ESP1 33kW 33
A Heat
A Water
2 £1387.99
Ideal Logic+ Heat H24 24
A Heat
7 £950.06
Ideal Logic+ Heat H30 30
A Heat
7 £1067.49
Ideal Logic Max 24kW 24
A Heat
10 £1038.13
Ideal Logic ESP1 30kW 30
A Heat
A Water
2 £902.91
Ideal Logic+ Heat H15 15
A Heat
7 £875.9
Ideal Logic Max 30kW 30
A Heat
10 £1074.27
Ideal Logic+ S30 30
A Heat
7 £1037.28

More Combi Boilers to consider

Model kW ErP Warranty Price (inc. VAT)
BAXI 200 224 24kW 24
A Heat
A Water
3 £585.45
BAXI 200 228 28kW 28
A Heat
A Water
3 £599.66
BAXI 400 415 15kW 15
A Heat
5 £706.53
BAXI 400 428 28kW 28
A Heat
A Water
5 £706.53
BAXI 600 613 13kW 13
A Heat
7 £1241.4
BAXI 600 616 16kW 16
A Heat
7 £881.24
BAXI 600 625 25kW 25
A Heat
7 £1000.95
BAXI 600 619 19kW 19
A Heat
7 £941.6
BAXI 600 636 36kW 36
A Heat
A Water
7 £1030.06
BAXI 800 818 18
A Heat
10 £915.14

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