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Free Boiler Installation Quotes

There are many factors that affect the cost of your boiler installation. The size of your new boiler will be influenced by the size of your premesis, how many rooms you need to heat (number of radiators) and how much hot water you need to store at any given time. Also, if you plan to use your existing pipe infrastructure the price will be less if you simply replace the boiler than installing the whole pipe network.

We’ve described the most important considerations when looking for a cheap boiler cost below:

High Efficiency Boilers

Buying a new high-efficiency boiler for your premesis is a great way to save a lot of money on your fuel bills. In comparison to older G-Grade boiler, newer A-Grade boilers convert 30-40% more fuel to heat which not only helps the environment but will save a lot of money every year on your fuel bill.

Recent studies have announced that the average saving for a typical UK household is £200 per year when using a high-efficiency A-Grade boiler, and by comparing free no-obligation boiler quotes from local, trusted boiler engineers you can receive guidance on the best boiler for your property and how much it will save you.

Comparing Boiler Quotes

Possibly the quickest and easiest way to save yourself a large amount of money is to compare boiler installation costs from a number of different boiler engineers in your local vicinity. By comparing quotes you can quickly see how much can be saved for the work you wish to have carried out. The problem however is that most people don’t have the time or the resources to be able to call dozens of local boiler installers to receive quotations which is exactly why we started our service.

We provide completely free, no-obligation quotes for boiler installation from reputable, local boiler engineers, and you can apply for them at any time of the day. What’s more, we find our quotes are frequently the cheapest you’ll find.

Boiler Installation Cost

Getting a new boiler installed is likely to cost a fair amount of money as they are such an important part of the household. However there are a number of factors which can affect boiler installation cost, and some that can help reduce it significantly.

On this page we’ve detailed a few of the factors that can affect the cost, as well as some that will help lower the overall cost of your boiler installation. We also show you how comparing our free boiler quotes is still the best way to get all the expert advice and cheap boiler costings you need for your installation.

Size of the property

Your overall boiler installation cost is directly proportional to the size of your house, particularly if it’s a full installation. The more rooms you have to heat, the more radiators and pipe-work you will need, as well as a larger tank. You boiler will also have to be big enough to heat enough water and create enough heat to cope with demand. It’s also worth factoring in any extension plans you may have for the house, and to be sure your boiler system will be able to cope with having to heat any additional rooms. This will prevent you having to upgrade your boiler again at a later date.

Existing Services/Infrastructure

If you have existing pipes and radiators in place that are suitable for use with your new boiler installation, you can save yourself a substantial amount of money. If however you need radiators, tanks and plumbing as well as your boiler you will notice the total boiler installation cost increases. Remember if you are changing fuels, you may also need a new heating infrastructure.


A part that many people forget is the additional items such as electronic timers, digital thermostats, thermostatic radiator valves, water tanks and even radiators themselves. All of these can affect your boiler installation cost so should be considered during the initial planning. You’ll find that as part of our quote process, the experts that get in touch will guide you through your installation and make sure you’ve thought of everything.

High Efficiency Boilers

Though it might add to the overall boiler installation cost, choosing a high-efficiency A-Grade boiler should be seriously considered. You’ll find that they cost more than a standard boiler, but the savings per year on your fuel bill can more than offset that, in fact the average saving for a UK household is over £200 per month! They work by converting a far higher percentage of fuel into heat than traditional boilers (over 30% more) which translates to significant savings year after year, not to mention being better for the environment.

Comparing Boiler Installation Costs

Perhaps the most significant savings to be made on your boiler installation cost are by comparing quotes from local specialists. We realise that most people don’t have the time or even the resources to be able to contact as many different local boiler installers, repeating the job requirements and waiting for a quote so we do all the work for you. By comparing quotes from local, vetted specialists who know you want cheap quotes, you can save a lot of money.

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