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Keston Boiler Costs, Information and Quotes

Keston boilers are manufactured by the Keston Group, a leading manufacturer of storage and heating systems. The firm has been around for over 90 years, and throughout its history has focused on innovative technology, quality components and competitively-priced products.

Its main products include combi boilers, available in a range of sizes to suit the needs of different homes; system boilers, which provide hot water to radiators or underfloor heating; and regular boilers, which can be used with other types of fuels such as oil or LPG.

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Compare Keston Combi Boiler Features & Prices

Keston combi boilers deliver heating and hot water on demand without the need for any additional tanks or cylinders (e.g. for storing water). The comprehensive range of combi boilers available from Keston Group is ideal for smaller homes with up to 10 radiators.

Combi boilers are a great way of reducing your energy bills as you’re able to control the temperature in your home individually, resulting in lower overall costs.

Model kW ErP Warranty Price
Keston 30 30
A Heat
A Water
5 £1241.4
Keston 35 Combination Boiler 35
A Heat
A Water
5 £1389.63

Compare Keston Regular Boiler Features & Prices

Boilers that fall under the regular boiler category are used to provide heating to medium to large sized homes or outbuildings. These boilers are often suitable for houses with loads of radiators and multiple bathrooms, as they’re able to heat these rooms at once thanks to their high flow output.

The regular Keston boiler is the heart of a complex heating system that powers radiators in your home. They come with a 7 year guarantee and will keep you cosy for years to come.

Model kW ErP Warranty Price

Compare Keston System Boiler Features & Prices

Keston System boilers are suitable for homes with up to 15 radiators and multiple bathrooms. While combi boilers are limited to their maximum output at a time when coupled with domestic hot water, the Keston S30 system boiler has a central heating output of 30.4 kW.

A system boiler is a great alternative to a combi boiler as it performs better and has a lower fuel consumption. As such the Keston S30 may be the ideal choice if you have higher water demands and multiple bathrooms.

Model kW ErP Warranty Price

Error Codes

Keston Boiler Error Codes are a series of error messages displayed on the display or front panel of your boiler. The message consists of digits. Because every make and model of boiler is different, the error codes can vary from appliance to appliance.

If you’re experiencing errors within your Keston boiler, you should know that there’s a variety of error codes that can occur on different components. Knowing what these mean will help locate the issue and save you money on service calls. Our guide to all Keston boiler error codes will help you troubleshoot your issue.

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