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Potterton Boiler Costs, Information and Quotes

The Potterton brand of boilers offer homeowners a number of choices including: combi, system and regular units – all which have been designed to be easy to use. While the Potterton comfort and efficiency ratings are on par with the other major brands, their prices are often significantly lower making them an excellent choice for many homeowners.

Whatever type of gas boiler you are looking for, Potterton has the right product for your home heating needs. Whether you choose a combi boiler to supply both central heating and hot water or an economy boiler to provide coverage for only your hot water supply, you are guaranteed a reliable solution. Choose the boiler that best suits your home – take into account the available space, and if it’s a new installation, then whether you want to provide central heating or just hot water.

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Compare Potterton Combi Boiler Features & Prices

Potterton combi boilers offer an efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home. An individual boiler handles both central heating and hot water requirements, with hot water provided as you require it. These are the best gas combi boilers you can buy on the UK market today. A great combination of durable boilers that feature long warranties and improve your energy efficiency.

If you need to replace your old boiler and are trying to work out whether a combi boiler will be suitable for you, it is important to understand your heating needs. Combination boilers may be able to meet those needs but generally, you should have little difficulty because they can be quite flexible in their use. This means that it is easy to switch between them and other boiler types.

Model kW ErP Warranty Price
Potterton Assure 36kW 36
A Heat
A Water
2 £1091.49

Compare Potterton Regular Boiler Features & Prices

Regular boilers have been around for decades and are installed in properties that don’t already contain a large storage tank. A regular boiler works by heating up water in an outer casing then feed this hot water into the cold water storage tank and hot cylinder. The cold water from the tank is then pushed through radiators to provide heat. Once the hot water supply has stopped, the regular boiler begins to automatically refill the cold cylinder with more hot water from your central heating system.

When choosing a heating system for your home, it’s important to choose one that can meet all of your needs. A Potterton regular boiler should be installed as part of a larger heating system. Before choosing a boiler, we always recommend getting some free information and quotes from local specialists.

Model kW ErP Warranty Price

Compare Potterton System Boiler Features & Prices

A Potterton system boiler is a type of boiler that uses back pressure to push hot water from the heating system into your hot water storage tank. The boiler itself is considered as a heat source in your home’s central heating and the hot water cylinder acts as a store of energy. System boilers are often used for homes with two bathrooms but also more recently in new build properties as part of the high efficiency measures required under Part L of the building standards.

The advantage of a system boiler is that the cylinder can hold more water. This means it is better than regular boilers at coping when someone wants a shower and someone else wants to use the washing machine, or when a cold snap requires more hot water for heating.

Model kW ErP Warranty Price

Boiler Error & Fault Codes

Any Potterton boiler has an alphanumeric error code, which is used to make sense of errors that you may encounter during your boiler management.

Potterton Error codes are very common, and fault in your boiler is something that has probably happened to a lot of people. Investing in an engineer can be pretty expensive, not to mention inconvenient. In our guide to Potterton boiler error codes we go through the different error and fault codes, how you can work out what they mean, and where you can find additional fault information on the internet.

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