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It’s an amazing fact that roughly a third of all boilers will breakdown in the first 6 years of operation. The result is that you’re likely to need a boiler repair in your boiler’s lifetime, perhaps that’s why your here now looking for a cheap boiler repair?

Luckily your boiler repair costs needn’t be as expensive as you might think. When you can compare quotes from local trusted boiler engineers, you know with our service the cost of repairing your boiler will be as low as possible. What’s more our quotes are completely obligation-free which means there’s no harm in finding out just how much you can save.

What’s Involved in Boiler Repair?

There are a number of different reasons why you may need to repair your boiler, they are complicated pieces of equipment with many internal moving parts. A key point to remember at this stage is that a boiler repair should not be attempted by someone who isn’t competent or Gas Safe registered. Not only could it ruin warrantees or service and insurance agreements, it could prove extremely hazardous to health.

Some of the more frequent reasons we see for people needing their boilers repaired are:

Thermocouple failure

The thermocouple is the electrical sensor which detects the presence of a flame and allows gas to flow into the system, however they are prone to wearing and becoming unreliable. Rather than them letting gas through continuously, once broken the thermocouple won’t let gas through at all meaning your boiler won’t provide any heat. An estimate on price could be anything from £40-60 for the supply and fitting.

Flue Fan Stoppage

On more modern boilers the malfunction of a flue fan is a fairly common complaint. The flue fan is what expels potentially harmful gasses out of your property, and if it malfunctions, your boiler will simply refuse to start. Pricing estimates again can vary from anything between £150-250 depending on cost of parts and boiler type.

Radiators Not Heating

This is normally a sign of the motor pump failing to work and results in no hot water being pumped around your heating system. On occasion the top radiators may warm slightly due to convection heating whilst the ground floor radiators stay cold.

Boiler Repair Guides - Further Information

If you would like to read further information, we have compiled a series of guides to common boiler faults along with causes and remedies. Please note these are purely for informational purposes and no attenpt should be made to fix a boiler yourself unless suitably qualified to do so.

  • Bleeding Your Radiators - simple to do and very effective in maximising the efficiency of your heating system. Read our guide.
  • Pilot Light Going Out - one of the more common complaints with a faulty boiler, keeping your pilot light lit can pose a challenge.
  • Boiler Ignition Lockout - If you're boiler has locked out you'll no doubt want to rectify the issue as soon as possible.
  • Boiler Not Igniting - If you can't get your boiler to light at all it could be for one of the reasons detailed in this article.
  • Unusual Boiler Sounds - A boiler operating efficiently should be near-slient, so if yours is making an unusual noise read more here.

Saving Money With a Cheap Boiler Repair Quote

There’s no predicting when your boiler might break-down, they can go at any time of the day. For this reason you’ll need to get and compare quotes quickly and easily.

We set up our service so you could apply for a boiler repair quote at any time of the day, and we always have boiler engineers ready and willing to provide you with a cheap quote. What’s more they’re local to you, fully qualified and eager to get your boiler repaired as quickly and cheaply as possible. We supply boiler repair quotes to people in need every single day throughout the whole of the UK.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is with your boiler, speed of repair shouldn’t be a reason to pay a high premium. When you need your boiler fixed quickly and cheaply our quote service proves itself day after day.

Getting Your Boiler Repair Quotes

To help you save money we consult our UK industry leading network of boiler engineers to deliver you quick, cheap, obligation-free quotes for the work you need carried out. What’s more it only takes 3 simple steps:

  1. You fill out our simple 60 second boiler repair quote form
  2. We let a maximum of five specialists contact you with a quote
  3. You decide if you’d like to accept one. No obligation, no risk.

Boiler Repair Costs

Though there’s never a convenient time for your boiler to breakdown, it’s always convenient to save money on your boiler repair costs using our online quote-form. In fact so much so, people throughout the UK use our service every single day.

We’ve compiled some information on what can affect your boiler repair costs, and how to go about saving money on them.

What Affects Boiler Repair Costs?

With all the different types of boilers on the market, and a variety of problems each and every one of them can experience, it’s no wonder that a lot of factors can affect your overall boiler repair cost. Below we have compiled some of the more typical factors that are influential in the overall cost:

Type of boiler

Depending on the type and model of boiler you have installed, you may notice a change in the boiler repair costs. High-efficiency combi-boiler are more technologically advanced, and when it comes to replacing parts, though they might not need replacing as often… they are likely to be more expensive. Standard boilers, though perhaps less efficient will use technology that is easily repaired and therefore cheaper.

Age of the boiler

Boiler age can play a noticeable factor in boiler repair costs. The older the boiler, the more likely it is to need repairing, however assuming the parts are still readily available it’s likely that they will cost less to repair. New, modern boilers may not break-down as regularly, but are likely to be more expensive when they do.

Time of the year

Though there’s never a good time to need a boiler repair, it’s likely that if your boiler breaks down in the colder months you may be subject to a premium as demand grows. At UK Boiler Quotes we don’t believe this should be the case, so our network are ready to provide cheap boiler repair quotes at any time of the year!


Unfortunately premiums for living in city centres such as London, Manchester etc. are often unavoidable, but will be noticeable when compared to the boiler repair costs of other less populated places in the UK.

Typical Boiler Repair Costs

Boiler repair on the whole is quite an expensive undertaking, and because of the importance of keeping you boiler running it’s often one that cannot be avoided. Below are some typical examples of the cost of repairing your boiler, and why it’s important to compare quotes to save as much as possible:

Boiler Circuit Boards

One of the most crucial elements of a boiler is the circuit board, which controls everything the boiler does in operation. Frequently water can leak from pipes onto the exposed circuit board, short-circuiting it and causing your boiler to cease operation. Typical cost to replace is £180-275.

Pump Replacement

Vital when it comes to heating your home, your water pump pushes water around your central heating system to warm up radiators etc. Without it operating correctly, the boiler may still produce hot water but you won’t have any heating. Typical replacement cost £180-£240.

Flue Fan

This vital safety measure blows all potentially harmful gasses out of the flue and therefore out of the building. Should your flue fan stop, your boiler will not work as a built-in safety feature. Typical replacement costs £140-£175.

Saving Money on your Boiler Repair Costs

Quite simply, the easiest way to save money and reduce your boiler repair costs is to compare quotes from local specialists ready and willing to provide cheap quotes. What’s more the process only takes a minute and can save you a significant amount.

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