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The Boiler Scrappage Scheme in England

The boiler scrappage scheme in England was so successful that all of the available vouchers have now been allocated. It has also been announced that no further funding is to be introduced, so applications are now closed. There are however still ways to save a lot of money both on your heating bills and on a brand new boiler installation.

What Was the Boiler Scrappage Scheme?

The original scheme aimed to encourage owners of older inefficient G-Grade boilers to upgrade to new high-efficiency A-Grade boilers in order to reduce carbon emissions significantly. It offered a £400 saving on a new boiler installation.

The scheme was started in January 2010, and over 130,000 vouchers were distributed in a matter of months. To date the vast majority of those vouchers have been converted into significant savings on a new boiler. Started in England, the scheme was quickly adopted in both Scotland and Wales who have both seem the demand exceed the supply.

Saving Money With a New Boiler

Though the boiler scrappage scheme in England has ceased, there are still ways in which you can still save a lot of money on a new boiler installation. In fact installing a new A-Grade high efficiency boiler can save you around £225 every year on your heating bills! We’ve shown the 3 best ways to save money with a new boiler below:

Upgrading your existing boiler: Upgrading an older G-Grade boiler to a newer high-efficiency A-Grade boiler will help reduce your heating bills significantly. It’s a fact that older models converted around 55-60% of the fuel to heat which resulted in a huge waste of fuel and energy. Newer more efficient models however convert over 90% of fuel into heat which results in large savings every year on fuel bills. In fact in a recent study the average saving per UK household was £200 per year! You can see how much you can save every year by getting a free boiler quote.

Reducing the temperature: It’s a known fact that simply reducing the temperature in your household can save a significant amount of money year after year. For instance lowering the heat by one degree is thought to save around £55 per year in heating bills! Also, if you have an electric water heater, reducing the temperature on that will also save you money and you won’t even notice the difference (though be careful not to lower it less than sixty degrees).

Comparing new boiler quotes: Though the boiler scrappage scheme in England has finished, the demand for a more modern and efficient boiler system certainly hasn’t. Many boiler suppliers have noticed this and are still offering significant savings if you’re prepared to look around and compare boiler quotes. Most people however, don’t have the time to ring up local suppliers asking for quotes, which is exactly why we set up our free quote service!

The Warm Front Scheme

The Warm Front Scheme in England gives privately rented or owner occupier households an insulation package and/or measures of heating right up to a maximum value of £3,500. This vaue rises to £6,000 if low carbon, oil or renewable technologies are considered.

Though the scheme is exclusively available in England, there are similar schemes setup in both Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The scheme offers a number of ways to make your home more energy-efficient, including loft insulation, draught-proofing, cavity insulation and hot water tank insulation. The Warm Front Scheme will also install a new combi-boiler (high efficiency) and a maximum of five radiators including the fitting of the pipework. They might even repair your present system if appropriate.

To find out if you apply for the grant, and for further information visit: GOV.UK - Household Energy

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