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Glow-Worm Boiler Costs, Information and Quotes

Glow-worm is a key player in the domestic heating market, offering an extensive range of boilers for all applications and budgets. With 80 years of experience in the industry, Glow-worm provides a like-for-like replacements for all combi, system and regular models at a competitive price to ensure it always meets customer requirements. Whether you’re looking for high performance with low emissions or a suitably sized boiler to fit into your space, Glow-worm has the right product for you.

The range of Glow-worm combi boiler models is divided into two main categories: condensing and non-condensing models, each being available as a standard or premium model. Both Glow-worm combi boiler categories are available in various sizes and in the form of electric boilers. Glow-worm condensing boilers are more efficient than non-condensing models, and also come with a factory guarantee that offers free repairs within the first 10 years of installation.

Their boilers are efficient, ergonomic and effective at providing you with heat when you need it. The company is also a great choice for those of you looking to eliminate the hassle of being tied with a long boiler maintenance contract. Glow-worm is not only a stylish but reliable brand that aims to help you save on your energy bills over the course of its lifespan.

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Compare Glow Worm Combi Boiler Features & Prices

If you’re looking for cost-effective central heating and hot water on a budget, Glow-worm combi boilers could be the solution. The combination of condensing technology, high performance and exceptional reliability is what makes these units the ideal choice for homes with an energy demand ranging from 18 to 27 kW.

If you’re on a tight budget and your energy demand range is 18-27 kW, they can be the right boiler solution.

Model kW ErP Warranty Price

Compare Glow Worm Regular Boiler Features & Prices

For homes with multiple people or families, or large living areas, regular boilers are ideal. Sized according to the number of cylinders and radiators they will heat, and using the highest quality materials to ensure reliability you can trust regular boilers to meet all your needs – a Glow-worm Regular boiler is a superb investment for your home.

The most powerful Glow-worm regular boiler has an output rating of 25 kW which will suit homes with 10-15 radiators. These sort of heating systems are the most traditional type and come in a wide range of sizes - from 9 kW up to 70 kW! You can see Glow-worm's range here:

Model kW ErP Warranty Price
Glow-worm Energy 18kW 18
A Heat
2 £854.28
Glow-worm Energy 30kW 30
A Heat
A Water
2 £885.26

Compare Glow Worm System Boiler Features & Prices

Whether a property is a 1930s cottage or a 1950s semi-, the Glow-worm system boilers are very flexible, compact heating solutions. With output ratings ranging from 12 kW right up to 30 kW, there’s a suitable model for properties with less than 10 radiators to around 20.

Their system boilers offer unparalleled efficiency and fluid versatility, providing the perfect combination of adaptability and value for money without sacrificing performance.

Model kW ErP Warranty Price

Glow Worm boiler fault codes explained

Glow Worm uses only a few fault codes, which means that they are easy to locate and understand. If your glow worm boiler is not producing enough warm water or heating your dwelling to the desired temperature, then you can probably find the solution through tracking down the cause of one of these fault codes.

With Glow Worm error codes, you can trace the exact fault and pinpoint the problem. Every boiler has a unique fault code as well as a corresponding list on our website - even ones over 15 years old! Check out our guide to Glow Worm boiler fault codes to help you troubleshoot your boiler or determine whether it's time to call a local engineer.

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