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Ferroli Boiler Costs, Information and Quotes

Ferroli were established in 1946 by two brothers who started off with a small shop in Milan, manufacturing oil burners. It was when they moved to Treviso that the company really started to develop, opening up new production facilities and expanding the product range. In 1969, Ferroli launched three gas boilers under their name and soon after began selling export products as well as installing boilers in Italy. Today, Ferroli have a successful business unit and have sold more than 2 million boilers all over the world, with the majority of these boiling water for heating.

In-house production gives Ferroli the ability to provide highly competitive prices. Although they operate on a global scale and sell their products all over the world, they are still able to offer customer savings thanks to relatively low infrastructure costs.

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Compare Ferroli Combi Boiler Features & Prices

Ferroli is one of the leading brands in the UK combi boiler market and for a good reason. They offer high levels of efficiency and quality, and are competitively priced too. If you want a new heating system for your home but want to save money while doing so, then consider purchasing a Ferroli combi boiler instead.

The Ferroli Combi boilers are very easy to install. This is because they only have four moving parts, which makes them one of the most reliable condensing combi boilers on the market today. When you use one of these boilers to heat your home, it will reduce your fuel bills by up to 30% compared with other types of boiler.

Model kW ErP Warranty Price
Ferroli Bluehelix Tech 24C 20
A Heat
A Water
10 £688.68
Ferroli Bluehelix Tech 28C 24
A Heat
A Water
10 £739.37
Ferroli Bluehelix Tech 34C 30
A Heat
A Water
10 £808.68

Compare Ferroli System Boiler Features & Prices

System boilers, such as the Ferroli system boilers below, are cheaper to run than combi boilers and have the ability to heat individual radiators directly. On top of this, the main boiler in combination with a hot water cylinder heats your water.

System boilers can be an attractive option for converting your central heating to a combination system of hot water on demand. Cylindered storage means the boiler can be mounted out of sight, and domestic hot water is available whenever required – no storage tank necessary!

Model kW ErP Warranty Price

Compare Ferroli Electric Boiler Features & Prices

If you have a small home/flat where a gas boiler cannot be installed, an electric boiler is a good choice for your property. Electric boilers have several benefits over installing any other type of heating system in your home, such as wood burners. They are cleaner and more efficient at generating heat than other types of heating systems.

Ferroli electric boilers include environmentally-friendly features that make them ideal for taking care of your hot water requirements.

Model kW ErP Warranty Price

Ferroli boiler fault codes

If a fault occurs, your boiler will display one or more error codes. These tell you what the fault is, so it’s important to know how to read them correctly. We’ve compiled a list of all of the Ferroli error codes below to help you. There are a number of common error codes that can occur and the knowledge to diagnose and fix them may not be available without professional help. We have written a guide to Ferroli error and fault codes to help you learn how to read and understand boiler error codes to help you get your boiler back on track.

Common faults & fixes

Our Common Ferroli Boiler Problems and Repairs page is a comprehensive guide designed to help homeowners and professionals troubleshoot and fix common issues that may arise with Ferroli boilers. From problems with the ignition system to issues with the pressure valve, this guide covers a wide range of topics and provides step-by-step instructions for repairs. Whether you are experiencing a minor issue or a major malfunction, this guide is an essential resource for anyone looking to repair their boiler. To access the guide, simply click the link and start troubleshooting your Ferroli boiler today.

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