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Boiler Scrappage Scheme in Wales

The Boiler Scrappage Scheme in Wales has ended, with all the allocated vouchers being given out, however there are still ways to save a lot of money on your boiler.

The follow-on scheme from England proved so popular that all of the allocated tickets that were available have now been handed out, with the vast majority of them having been converted into savings on a new boiler installation. We’ve compiled some information on what the scheme offered, and how you can still save a lot of money despite the boiler scrappage scheme in Wales ending.

What was the Welsh Boiler Scrappage Scheme?

The Scrappage Scheme in Wales followed on from the highly successful English venture (which also allocated all the available vouchers in a matter of months). The primary aim was to help reduce carbon emissions caused by the usage of old G-Grade boiler systems which were extremely inefficient when compared to modern boilers. The scheme offered a £400 money off voucher if you upgraded your G-Grade boiler to a high efficiency A-Grade boiler, which convert up to 40% more fuel to heat.

Can I Still Save Money?

IYes, and a lot of it! We think there are three key ways in which you can still save a lot of money in Wales when looking to find a cheap boiler installation and we’ve detailed them below, as well as information on grant schemes.

Getting a high-efficiency boiler

This is one of those cases where spending some money will help you to save a lot of money in the long-run. New A-Grade boilers (known as high-efficiency boilers) convert over 90% of fuel to heat. Older less efficent G-Grade boilers converted just 50-60% of fuel to heat. What this means for you, is that year on year, you will use a significantly lower amount of fuel, lowering your annual bills and also producing far less harmful emissions.

The average UK household can save around £200 per year on their fuel bills alone!

Getting Cheap Boiler Quotes

This is by far the quickest and easiest way to save a lot of money on your new boiler installation. Most people simply don’t have the time to ring around local boiler specialists to compare quotes and gain specialist advice, however this is a key way to save a of of money in a matter of minutes.

Since the Boiler Scrappage Scheme in Wales has ended, demand for a new boiler has remained at an all time high. As a result boiler installers are now offering significant discounts if you take the time to contact them and compare the prices. We set up our service of free boiler quotes to take the time and hassle out of searching for the biggest savings.

Lowering the temperature

Often overlooked, but does your heating and water temperature need to be so high? A simple but very effective way to save money now the Welsh Boiler Scrappage Scheme has ended is to lower the temperature.

It is said that by lowering your central heating by one degree, and by lowering the temperature in your water heater to just over sixty degrees you can save up to 10% of your annual heating bill, and it’s likely you won’t even notice the difference.

The Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (HEES Wales)

The Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (HEES) is a Welsh Assembly Government funded initiative with the aim of making homes throughout Wales warmer, and more energy efficient through the provision of heating and insulation improvements.

The HEES provides 2 levels of grant, a £2000 and a £3600 option depending on which one you qualify for, and has already provided for over 108,000 residents throughout Wales.

The scheme provides a number of home improvements depending on what type of heating and insulation you currently have in your property. It includes anything from boiler repair, boiler installation and oil boilers to water-tank jackets, loft and cavity insulation and draughtproofing.

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